In LC Led Llums we are dedicated exclusively to the sale of LED lighting.

LEDs are solid-state semiconductor devices that convert electrical energy directly into light, making them sturdy and long lasting.
It is estimated that you’ll need approximately 50,000 hours until the flow decays below 70% of the initial values. This allows a drastic reduction in maintenance costs since they virtually never need replacing.

The main features of the LED luminaires LcllumsLed are the following:

  • Decrease in energy consumption of up to 80%.
  • Duration of up to 50,000 hours (approx. 6 years old / 24 hours 365 days).
  • Made with non toxic materials (they do not contain Mercury).
  • The power consumed by the light becomes 80% light and just 20% heat
  • Decrease of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
  •  Two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

In the following infographic, we show how our lights are as efficient as they can possibly be. 100% is the maximum attainable. Normal lights convert 80% of energy -energy that costs you money- into just heat ans just 20% into usable light. On the contrary, led lights convert 4/5 (80%) of energy into light, and just 20% is lost as heat emanations.

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